Adrian Coburg
1955 – 2011
Professional musician, drummer and percussionist

Adrian worked and performed with musicians, theatre groups and artists since 1984. Based in Bern, Switzerland, he established his own music school
Percusion Afro-Cubana, where he taught Rhythmic Solfeggio and Afro-Cuban percussion.

He was the leader of his group
Okantomi, which performed traditional Afro-Cuban drum melodies, songs and dances for many years. Alongside his engagement in Afro-Cuban percussion, he played as a drummer and guitarist in several music groups.


From 1987 onwards he spent considerable time in Cuba studying and researching Afro-Cuban percussion and Afro-Cuban music. He was trained by master drummers and master singers such as "El Goyo" Gregorio Hernandez, J. Pelladito, M. Galli, B. Bell, J. Davalos and T. Ortiz, and further developed his knowledge through the study and transcription of percussion and songs from records. In 1996 the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba authorized him to teach afro-cuban percussion.

Since 1994 he studied Bata drumming and Songs of the Yoruba. He was trained by Julio Davalos called ”Awo Chadeé”, who was one of the greatest Yoruban singers and Bata master drummers of Cuba. As a highly respected Santero he preserved and transmitted the sacred songs and Bata drum melodies of Yoruban culture in Cuba. He elected Adrian to play, sing and document the complete anthology of the Oru Seco, Oru Cantado, Rezos and Cantos y Toques especiales.

In 1999 Adrian received the "Juramento" as tamborero in Havana, Cuba. He is „Omo aña ewue Osain“ and is named „Otruponka“


Oru Seco
Oru Cantado
Toques especiales
Percusion Afro-Cubana: Vol. 1: Musica folklorica, Vol. 2: Musica popular
Cantos Afro-Cubanos
Cantos especiales Vol 1. - 4.
Cantos a Osain
Cantos a Eggun